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The Jewelry Exchange

The Jewelry Exchange is one of the leading importers of diamond rings, diamond earrings, bracelets, and any other jewelry imaginable under the sun. The company has access to a lot of diamonds and precious jewels that they sell for significantly less than the market value.

The Jewelry Exchange 2011 Commercial

The Jewelry Exchange is different than most jewelry retailers because it has an impressive diamonds collection. On their e-commerce site, The Jewelry Exchange has a page which allows customers to search for the exact diamond— carat size, clarity, color and cut— they want. The Exchange also has a wide selection of wedding and engagement jewelry. They offer many styles of diamond anniversary rings, platinum diamond rings, wedding bands and of course diamond wedding sets.

The Jewelry Exchange began in Southern California and expanded from there on out. They have locations nationwide, in nineteen of the largest cities in the United States. Store locations include St. Louis, Denver, Boston, Minneapolis and Seattle, to name a few.

Jewelry Exchange Logo
Jewelry Exchange Logo

Jewelry Exchange
Jewelry Exchange Workers


Jewelry Exchange
Jewelry Exchange Store

Jewelry Exchange
Jewelry Exchange in Strip Mall


“The Deal of the Day" is a special feature on the Jewelry Exchange website. Each day the site offers a good deal on a different item. Customers can find unparalleled prices on quality jewlery. For more information check out The Jewelry Exchange official website.

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Jewelry Stores Promise Rings Helzberg Diamonds Gordon's Diamond Rings Jewelry Exchange Designer Jewelry Stores
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